Avocado and shea pre poo 101

Avocado and shea pre poo - 101

Our avocado and Shea pre poo is a blend of African Shea butter, avocado oil, Western Ghats Kokum butter, Himalayan apricot kernel oil and much more luscious ingredients. It is formulated to nourish dry and frizzy hair that always craves for moisture and hydration.

What goes into our Avocado and shea pre poo treatment?

  • Shea butter
  • Avocado oil
  • Kokum butter
  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Ylang Ylang essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Cedarwood essential oil
  • Lemon essential oil

What do these ingredients do to your hair?

Shea butter

Shea butter has the ability to soften frizzy hair and make it more manageable has been long exploited by people of its native land. It can be used to just coat the strands of hair or massaged into the scalp.  When Shea butter is applied on the hair, it prevents the hair from drying out and becoming brittle, a common problem in hot, windy conditions. It seals in the moisture by coating each strand of hair in a thin, non-greasy layer of fat.

When massaged into the hair, Shea butter helps relieve many scalp problems. On the oily scalp, it helps to reduce excessive oil production by the skin glands. It can moisturize dry scalp and reduce flaking due to dryness. A great advantage of Shea butter is that it doesn’t leave the hair greasy. Also, it can be easily washed off afterwards. Shea butter rejuvenates hair follicles and prevents dry and frizzy hair.

 Avocado oil

Avocado oil has a nice thick consistency filled with essential fatty acids that moisturize the scalp on a deeper level. Though it’s thicker than most oils, it penetrates into the scalp fairly easily. It’s lubricating properties help reduce a dry itchy scalp.

Scalp inflammation is when your scalp feels dry, painful and looks inflamed. The inflammation cannot be seen with the naked eye but your scalp will feel aggravated and painful to comb. Avocado oil helps to curb scalp inflammation.

Avocado oil stimulates hair growth. Dry damaged hair can be very hard to get back to its original lush state but using avocado oil along with shea butter makes the process much easier.

Kokum butter

Kokum butter has many restorative properties. It works well for dry and damaged hair by making the hair root and hair follicles strong. Kokum butter oxygenates the scalp tissue and nourishes the scalp with nutrients. All this eventually prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth too. It strengthens the already damaged hair by making them non-greasy and hydrated. This also prevents breakage and hair thinning.

Apricot kernel oil

Apricot kernel oil is rich in plant antioxidants as it is a good source of vitamins A but also have vitamins E, K, and even niacin. They have a huge mineral content including copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous and potassium. It has excellent softening and moisturizing properties that aid skin, scalp, and hair as it helps skin retain its elasticity and suppleness.

Apricot seed oil has oleic acid, which is an omega-9 fatty acid and a wonderful emollient that makes hair and scalp softer and more pliable. It actually moisturizes the hair and scalp while increasing the hydration level and reducing dryness. Linoleic acid benefits hair by stimulating hair growth while staving off moisture loss. Linoleic acid is a fatty acid that controls or keeps moisture in the hair and scalp.

It not only seals in the moisture, but it also absorbs small amounts of water from the air’s humidity to help maintain that barrier of hydration inside the strand and scalp. Apricot seed oil leaves hair soft, shiny, and keeps the strands well-nourished and moisturized.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is the only oil that most closely mimics the natural oil from our scalps. Therefore when added to our scalps it does not disrupt or alter the pH. It brings our scalp back to a healthy balance. Besides balancing the pH in your scalp, Jojoba Oil is capable of conditioning and it will hell in adding elasticity and natural shine to your tresses.

It can help stimulate growth when massaged into the scalp. Jojoba oil is molecularly small enough to penetrate the hair shaft and strengthen it from the inside. Made from 98% monounsaturated fats it strengthens the hair follicles and fibres internally.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E may help support a healthy scalp and hair as it has natural antioxidant effects that could assist with maintaining hair growth. The vitamin’s antioxidant properties could help reduce the amount of oxidative stress and free radicals that cause the hair follicle cells in a person’s scalp to break down.

Blend of essential oil

The essential oils are blended in such a way that it brings out the natural shine of the tresses.

How to use the pre poo?

Take around 2 coin-sized amount (for short to medium length hair) of the pre poo and warm it between your palms and apply it all over your hair lengths. If you have dry scalp, then you can also apply it on your scalp. You can also steam your hair with a hot towel or with the help of a steamer. Leave it for about 30 minutes to 1 hour and then wash it off with a mild shampoo.


My pre poo has melted, should I discard it?

The pre poo is like ice cream, it melts when the temperature rises. The pre poo works 100% even if it is melted. You can also pop it in your fridge to harden it up.

Does it leave my hair greasy?

No. If you use correct quantity, it will make your hair softer and bouncy.

Shall I leave it overnight?

Yes. If you are comfortable leaving it overnight, you can.

Shall I use this as a leave on treatment?

Yes. Take a tiny amount of the pre poo and apply it through the lengths of your hair. Using a tiny amount will condition your hair without making it flat.

How long will 1 jar last?

For medium length hair, 1 jar will last upto 20 uses.

Will this treat hair loss?

Hair loss is caused by several reasons, if your hair loss is due to external reasons then this will reduce hair loss. If the reason is internal then you should watch your diet and health condition.



Product Card

Avocado and shea pre poo treatment

Avocado and shea pre poo treatment

410 INR

Sun-damaged hair or those that have been continuously exposed to treatment will benefit largely from avocado oil. The oil manages to restore the natural health of the hair so that it grows healthy from the scalp and upwards




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