Our Story

It all began with the acne breakout. I had extremely acne prone skin right from my early teens. My skin was in its worst condition when I was in 11th grade. Even dermatologist was hesitant to touch my skin since it was extremely damaged due to severe acne. I was prescribed with medications and my acne was slightly under control but when I forgot to take medication, my acne just worsens. I was just fed up after taking pills for 6 months and I don’t want my skin to be dependent on any pills. That is when I explored skincare community and started following skincare routine. At that time my skincare stash was filled with drugstore anti-acne products. You name an anti-acne product, I have used it. My skin didn’t improve at all.

My mom insisted me to use gram flour and wild turmeric mix to wash my face. At that time I had 0% trust on DIY and natural skincare. But after using gram flour and wild turmeric as the face wash for continuous 5 months, my skin cleared up tremendously and all of my friends wondered how my skin healed. That is when I started believing natural skincare. From then I always whip up face masks and face scrubs. I wanted to try natural skincare products and I started using so-called natural brand’s products. I started reading a lot about skincare and came to know the toxic chemicals in the so-called natural skin and hair care products. Since I believed in natural ingredients, I started whipping up my very own skincare products and I really love it.

When I was in the final year of my graduation, I decided to learn professional skincare formulation. I also started reading about herbs a lot. I started making my very own little batches of skincare products and gave it to my friends and neighbours and they all loved it. I was happy that I was able to give skincare products that actually work.

My friends and neighbours insisted me to sell my products and I never felt that someone would buy my skincare products. People started approaching me in order to buy a customized product and I started whipping products for people whom I don’t even know personally. At that time I didn’t have any brand name or even a container. I just fill them in one of my empty product containers.  The positive response from these people gave me the confidence to formulate more products.

Then I thought to sell my skincare products and still, I was hesitant since I’m just 20 and don’t know anything about branding and business. Due to limited finance to invest, I have to do all the work by myself. Everything like website development, label designing, photography is done by me. This is how greenie mill born.

NOTE – Since I suck at photography, our website images don’t look that good. Excuse me, I’ll try to hire a professional and get it sorted at the earliest.