Neem wood fine tooth comb


Made from the wood of Indian Neem (Azadirachta Indica) tree, this wooden comb has proven medicinal properties that control hair loss and treats dandruff.  Regular combing with Neem Wood Comb will arrest the progress of balding, add shine to the hair and give relief from alopecia, dandruff and itchy scalp.

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A wood comb can be very effective for detangling hair. A wood comb is highly recommended for curly or long hair that may get caught in plastic combs since the teeth generally are not as thick. Wooden combs are also naturally hypoallergenic.
The scalp produces some naturally occurring oils which hydrate and nourish the hair roots. But if this oil stays on the scalp it can attract dust and pollution making your hair look flat and lifeless. Instead, if you run a wooden comb along your scalp and through the length of hair, it helps to evenly distribute the oil without making the hair look dull. The distribution of oil adds lustrous shine and gives the nourishment to help hair grow.
After a long day, unwanted particles in the air settle into the hair. Regular accumulation of dirt and pollutants can increase the oil secretion and the residue can also lead to dandruff and damaged hair. Using a wooden comb helps to remove the settled particles and open up the pores allowing the scalp to breathe. It removes product and oil build up which can make your hair look lifeless due to increasing dandruff.
since wood is a bad conductor, it doesn’t create static electricity unlike plastic and metal combs thereby reducing frizz and damage. Wooden combs also stimulate blood vessels and enhance blood circulation in the scalp thereby promoting hair growth. The medicinal and antibacterial properties of Neem helps in controlling hair fall and cures dandruff while giving relief to the itchy and irritated scalp.


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