Uneven skin texture care (oily skin)


Helichrysum is a strong anti-inflammatory substance. It reduces skin inflammation related to acne. This healing hydrosol is also very good for fading scars, just like its essential oil. It tightens, tones and firms skin as well as nourishes it, it also boosts collagen and keeps it supple.


This combo contains

Acne fighting Vitamin C serum (20ml)

This wonderful and powerful (non-irritating) Vitamin C serum is a very potent 10% strength (more effective than 20% of L-ascorbic) serum. It’s non-irritating, paraben free, and non-comedogenic. It’s silky smooth texture feels wonderful and glides over the skin easily. It absorbs quickly and completely, tightens pores as it dries, and leaves skin feeling clean and healthy (not sticky). It firms the skin, stimulates collagen, detoxifies cells, reverses sun damage, reduces uneven pigment and brightens your skin.

Sea buckthorn helichrysum and manuka moisturizer (50gm)

Formulated with helichrysum hydrosol, sea buckthorn and black cumin seed oil, this skin balancing moisturizer decongest your skin. The black cumin seed oil and hemp oil heals existing scar tissues while preventing acne breakouts.



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